-When will my ring be shipped? 

For the reason that all of the rings in our shop are made on order, it usually takes 10 working days for the ring to be ready for shipping. Depending on where the order is coming from, it may take 1 to 3 weeks for order to reach the buyer after the ring is shipped. Express shipping usually takes 3-4 work days worldwide. 

-How can I request a custom design?

Can't find anything that suits your style? You can request a custom order via email or by sending us a message via "Contact us" page. 

If your request is viable, we will follow-up with a preliminary pricing for the custom item and estimated lead time needed for the custom item to be made. 

-Can I customize an existing design?

So you've found a design that is almost perfect to your liking, but want to make some slight changes? No worries! 

On most of the items, you will have the option to change the width, surface finish, profile, colour, wood types or gemstone on the product page or via direct request via messages. 

But that's not all! Some extra modifications can be made even if they're not present in the product page. For that, you should contact me directly via email! 

If your request is viable, I will follow-up with a preliminary pricing for the custom item and estimated lead time needed for the manufacturing. 

Note that some of the upgrades might cost extra. 

-Do you provide engraving services? 

Unfortunately we don't provide engraving services at the current moment. 

-What metals should I choose if I have allergies to copper/nickel or other metals?

Hypoallergenic options include Titanium and Black Zirconium.

What is mokume-gane?

Mokume-gane is a traditional Japanese metalworking technique which produces a mixed-metal laminate ingot with a distinctive pattern. The term is also used to describe the resulting metal ingot itself. The term mokume-gane can be translated to "wood-grain metal". The technique can be traced back to 17th century Japan, when Japanese metalworking master Denbei Shaomi created the process of fusing different alloys of metal into one solid piece of metal. 

-Where do you source your Mokume-gane metal billets?

All of my mokume-gane rings are made from billets that are crafted in-house.

-Are your Damascus steel rings rust-proof?

Good news! All of my designs are made out of austenitic stainless Damascus steel, so they're rust proof! 

-What types of gemstones are available for use in our designs?

Most of the gemstone options can be viewed in the product pages of any specific design, but other gemstones can be also sourced if you can't find the one you like! If you want a custom gemstone option, please contact us!

However, some gemstones that are not listed in the product pages can be hard to find on simply unavailable, so please keep that in mind!